Spokane County

Meet your member leaders! Spokane member-leaders Suzie Saunders and Colin Depner.

Spokane County2019-03-01T10:50:06-08:00

Skagit County

Meet the GIS team at Skagit County! The GIS team at Skagit County provides essential data for nearly every service in the county. [...]

Skagit County2018-12-14T14:23:01-08:00

King County

PROTEC17 WINS at King County! At King County, we've had an amazing year of victories for our PROTEC17 members and partners in the Coalition of Unions, including wage [...]

King County2019-07-23T14:07:36-08:00

Clark County

Clark County Member Honored at 34th Annual Labor Awards Mark Rauchenstein, a Local 17 Clark County member and former Chapter president, was recently honored at the 34th Annual [...]

Clark County2019-06-06T09:39:17-08:00

Pierce County

Get involved in your union! Join your Pierce County leaders and get involved with your Union!  Left to right: Aaron Erickson, Troy Lee, Mike Manley and Kirstin Thornton. [...]

Pierce County2019-03-26T13:44:43-08:00