Organizational Structure

PROTEC17 is governed by our members via the Regional Executive Committee who are guided by our constitution and a common mission to improve the lives of our families and communities. The PROTEC17 Executive Board is the equivalent of a board of directors, with a President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, and three Trustees. The Board meets monthly to make policy decisions between REC meetings and exercises financial oversight of our operations. Each board member is elected by a membership-wide vote and serves a three-year term. The day-to-day administrative and financial operations of PROTEC17 are the responsibility of the Executive Director, who reports to the Executive Board. The Executive Director hires and supervises PROTEC17 staff and serves as an official representative of PROTEC17 in labor relations and business matters. PROTEC 17 staff are experts in their fields. From labor relations and labor law professionals, to communications, research, financial and political specialists, PROTEC17 staff help the organization achieve its goals. And many staff members are PROTEC17 members themselves!

Executive Board

  • Rachael Brooks (she/her) President
  • Renee Thompson (she/her) Vice-President
  • Mason Emrys (they/them) Secretary-Treasurer
  • Angeles Ize Trustee
  • Zori Pruneda Trustee
  • Emily Tabachnick (she/her) Trustee


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  • Karen Estevenin Executive Director
  • Raquel Binford Executive Assistant
  • Anthony Davidson Operations Director
  • Abdallah El Hamawi Union Organizer
  • Youssef El Hamawi Union Representative
  • Laura Elia Membership Administrator
  • Louis Garcia External Organizer
  • Deidre Girard Communications Director
  • Alisha Gregory-Davis Union Representative
  • Brandon Hersey Political Director
  • Alex Il Union Representative
  • Elliot Levin Research Director and Legislative Advocate
  • Sarah Lorenzini Union Representative
  • Kaite Mark Union Representative
  • Paul Marvy General Counsel
  • Regan McBride Union Representative
  • Valentina Montecinos Director of Finance
  • Jacky Nakamura Digital Communications Manager
  • Jessica Olivas Organizing Director
  • Steven Pray Union Representative
  • Suzie Saunders Union Representative
  • Brenna Stroup Membership Organizing Coordinator
  • Brent Wagar Union Representative
  • Mark Watson Union Representative
  • Rachel Whiteside Union Representative
  • Alexis Young Union Representative