Political Action

Whether we like it or not, politics plays a huge role in our lives. And especially as public employees, lawmakers at every level make decisions that impact whether your job will be funded, your retirement plan will remain solvent, or whether you can take time off to care for a sick loved one.

PROTEC17 advocates for laws and policies at the city, county and state level that support our members and their families. In addition, we have a political action committee (PAC) that makes endorsements for worker-friendly candidates. The PAC is funded through voluntary donations — NEVER DUES MONEY.

Local Political Events This Week!

As a labor union, PROTEC17 upholds the right for every eligible person to vote, and for every vote to count.  Three weeks ago, at our Fall Regional Executive Committee (REC) meeting, delegates passed a resolution committing the organization to take steps to protect a fair democratic process.

To do this, PROTEC17 is engaging with dozens of other labor unions and community groups to ensure that this right is secure.  We have also urged elected leaders to do everything they can to uphold our election results.

There are many events that are in the works if we are called to demonstrate our solidarity and commitment to democracy.  You can join with others who are mobilizing to ensure transparency and democracy prevail in whatever way fits you.

Below are some events happening in Washington:

  • Participate in Protests: Please share the WSLC Democracy Defender pledge with your co-workers and fellow union members.
  • Join in Wednesday at 5PM for the Protect every Vote rally in Seattle
  • Monitor The Stand and protecttheresults.com for listings of local actions
  • Volunteer as a Peacekeeper: Join in the Defend Democracy training this Thursday, Nov. 5 6:30-8:30p on Safety, De-escalation and Know Your Rights!
  • Ballot Cure: Washington State has a process in statute for voters to “cure” mistakes in time for the ballot to be counted. This gives voters a second chance to participate in elections when particular issues with a voter’s ballot arise. The Washington State Dems will implement a three-phased ballot curing program that identifies and tracks voters with ballot deficiencies, organizes phone calls to these voters, obtains and submits curative forms on these voter’s behalf, and otherwise assists voters to ensure their ballots are counted. Our goal is to cure as many ballots as we can and get as many votes counted as possible.  Sign up here to Ballot Cure.
  • See more events throughout the week at Protect the Results Coalition

Check out events and actions taking place in Oregon through the Defend Democracy Coalition.

2020 Election Endorsements



Jay Inslee

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

Secretary of State

Gael Tarleton 

Legislative District 1

House 1 – Davina Duerr

Legislative District 3

Senate – Andy Billig

House 1 – Marcus Riccelli

House 2 – Timm Ormsby 

Legislative District 4

House 1 – Lori Feagan

House 2 – Lance Gurel

Legislative District 6 

House 1 – Zack Zappone 

House 2 – Tom McGarry

Legislative District 10

Senate – Helen Price Johnson

House 1 – Angie Homola

Legislative District 11

House 1 – David Hackney

Legislative District 12

House 1 – Adrianne Moore

Legislative District 16

Senate – Danielle Garbe Reser

Legislative District 17

Senate – Daniel Smith

House 1 – Tanisha Harris

Legislative District 18

House 2 – Donna Sinclair

Legislative District 22

Senate – Sam Hunt

Legislative District 25

Senate – Julie Door

House 1 – Jamie Smith 

House 2 – Brian Duthie

Legislative District 26

House 1 – Carrie Hesch

House 2 – Joy Stanford

Legislative District 27

Senate – Jeannie Darneille

House 1 – Laurie Jinkins 

House 2 – Jake Fey

Legislative District 28

Senate – T’wina Nobles

House 1 – Mari Leavitt 

House 2 – Dan Bronoske

Legislative District 30

House 1 – Jamila Taylor 

House 2 – Jesse Johnson 

Legislative District 36

House 2 – Liz Berry

Legislative District 37

House 2 – Kirsten Harris-Talley 

Legislative District 38

Senate – June Robinson

House 1 – Emily Wicks

Legislative District 40

Senate – Liz Lovelett

Legislative District 42

House 2 – Sharon Shewmake

Legislative District 44

House 1 – John Lovick

House 2 – April Berg

Legislative District 46

House 1 – Gerry Pollet

Legislative District 48

House 2 – Amy Walen


Superior Court Pos. 13 

(dual endorsement)

Hillary Madsen

Andrea Robertson 

Superior Court Pos. 30

Doug North

Proposition 1

APPROVE: If approved, the 20-year bond provides health & safety improvements at Harborview, including increasing critical health care capacity, updating & expanding modern infection control standards, expanding capacity for behavioral health needs.


Pierce County Executive

Larry Seaquist

Pierce County Council

Ryan Mello


Proposition 1

APPROVE: This transit-only measure expands city bus routes & enables the city to develop a better transportation system.



Chloe Eudaly

Measure 26-218

APPROVE: This transportation bond measure raises approximately $5 billion in transportation funds for the region.

Measure 26-213

APPROVE: This levy raises $45 million/year through a property tax increase to keep Portland Parks employees working & continuing to provide community center & recreation services across the city. 


In Olympia, PROTEC17 has developed a reputation for results. We have co-sponsored bills that protect the personal information of public employees and expand assistance to the families of members killed on the job at WSDOT. We also advocate for funding for state employee contracts and Public Health programs, ensuring that you can continue to provide the quality, vital services that our communities expect and deserve.

At the local level, PROTEC17 works with city and county governments to pass policies that support our membership. Recent wins include: paid parental leave at King County, expanded birth control and fertility treatment coverage at the City of Seattle, and getting time in new employee orientations to learn about your union rights, which has been granted by all of our employers.

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PROTEC17 is expanding its political reach in Oregon, too. We have a legislative advocate who keeps track of important bills in Salem that may have an impact on our members at the City of Portland — like changes to the retirement plan, for example.

Meanwhile, in Portland, we continue to build strong connections with City leaders, like the Mayor and City Commissioners, and work together to find solutions to issues that affect members and their families. One of our biggest wins is the change to the vacation accrual rates for City employees. By working with City government, not only do our members get more vacation time and better work-life balance, but the City will improve their recruitment and retention rates, while fostering happier, healthier and more productive employees.

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