Political Action

Whether we like it or not, politics plays a huge role in our lives. And especially as public employees, lawmakers at every level make decisions that impact whether your job will be funded, your retirement plan will remain solvent, or whether you can take time off to care for a sick loved one.

PROTEC17 advocates for laws and policies at the city, county and state level that support our members and their families. In addition, we have a political action committee (PAC) that makes endorsements for worker-friendly candidates. The PAC is funded through voluntary donations — NEVER DUES MONEY.

2020 Election Endorsements

(As of Sept. 23, 2020)

PROTEC17 endorsements


In Olympia, PROTEC17 has developed a reputation for results. We have co-sponsored bills that protect the personal information of public employees and expand assistance to the families of members killed on the job at WSDOT. We also advocate for funding for state employee contracts and Public Health programs, ensuring that you can continue to provide the quality, vital services that our communities expect and deserve.

At the local level, PROTEC17 works with city and county governments to pass policies that support our membership. Recent wins include: paid parental leave at King County, expanded birth control and fertility treatment coverage at the City of Seattle, and getting time in new employee orientations to learn about your union rights, which has been granted by all of our employers.

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PROTEC17 is expanding its political reach in Oregon, too. We have a legislative advocate who keeps track of important bills in Salem that may have an impact on our members at the City of Portland — like changes to the retirement plan, for example.

Meanwhile, in Portland, we continue to build strong connections with City leaders, like the Mayor and City Commissioners, and work together to find solutions to issues that affect members and their families. One of our biggest wins is the change to the vacation accrual rates for City employees. By working with City government, not only do our members get more vacation time and better work-life balance, but the City will improve their recruitment and retention rates, while fostering happier, healthier and more productive employees.

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