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Our 200-plus members at Pierce County are engineers, biologists, and other specialists in Planning and Public Works who help keep the county running!

Contract negotiations update – Oct. 25, 2023

We had our seventh session of contract negotiations on Mon., Oct. 23. We were joined by PROTEC17 Research Director Elliot Levin. He comprehensively described the market research he has conducted to support the 13 market adjustments we are proposing on top of Cost of Living Adjustments (COLAs). He also responded to the Segal Market Report that the County is basing their position on regarding market adjustments. Elliot pointed out flaws in the report’s data and questioned many of its findings. It was a productive session where we made our latest economic proposal that included appropriate COLAs for both years and the previously mentioned market adjustments. The County seemed receptive to our new information and detailed explanation and took careful notes. They will provide a response to our proposal when we meet next on Tues., Nov. 7.

Following our contract negotiations session, we joined several other unions at the County Council meeting. PROTEC17 Pierce County Chapter President Troy Lee stood up and spoke about our members’ need for a fair COLA and market adjustments. Several council members approached us after the meeting to thank us for coming and providing them with important information regarding negotiations. We will continue to keep these avenues open during this process.

Thank you to everyone who joined our virtual meeting where we provided a contract negotiations update. If you were unable to join and need more detailed information, please reach out to your union representative ">Brent Wagar.

Retro Pay on Dec. 16, 2022 Paycheck

I have been notified from Labor Relations that you can expect to see your new wage increase, retro pay, boot allowance, and healthcare reimbursement on your Fri., Dec. 16 paycheck.

If you have any questions about this or anything else, please reach out to your union representative ">Brent Wagar.

Retro Pay Timeline Update

We approved our contracts with Pierce County by significant margins last month. A redlined copy of each contract was sent to PROTEC17 for us to proof read before it moves on — these were sent to the Union on Mon., Sep. 26 and approved the next day. The contracts have now been sent to Pierce County Council for their approval. Here is the Council’s schedule to ratify:

  • Mon., Oct. 17 – Council Study Session
  • Mon., Oct. 24 – Rules and Operations Committee
  • Tues., Nov. 8 – Council Meeting for Final Consideration

We have been notified that Labor Relations will have a timeline on when the new wage increase, retro pay, boot allowance and healthcare reimbursement will be paid. We should receive a timeline on or around Tues., Nov. 8. An update will be sent as soon as that information is received.

The process and time that it takes from contract ratification (approval) to getting retro pay has always taken especially long with Pierce County. An update will be sent out as soon as possible and we will work to expedite the process wherever we can.

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