PROTEC17 Executive Board Election Notice

Nominations are now open for the following PROTEC17 Executive Board positions: President (currently held by Rachael Brooks) and Trustee #2 (currently held by Jennell Hicks). The terms are three (3) [...]

Apply to the PROTEC17 scholarship by July 31, 2022!

The annual college scholarship program for dependents of PROTEC17 members is now open! Since its inception in 2011, PROTEC17 has awarded 17 scholarships totalling over $50,000 towards the advanced education [...]

Reproductive Rights are Workers’ Rights

PROTEC17 stands with the millions of women, girls, transgender and gender-non-conforming people, and all working people for reproductive healthcare, justice, and rights. Since 1918, PROTEC17 members have joined together to [...]

Could you qualify for student loan forgiveness?

Hundreds of PROTEC17 members could be eligible for the student loan forgiveness program that was recently revamped and reintroduced by the Federal government. According to The Student Borrower Protection Center [...]

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