King County

Our King County members are integral to roads and transportation, emergency management, Public Health, and more for the entire Seattle-metro area.

COVID testing for front-line KC Public Health members

If any King County Public Health employee is feeling symptoms and needs a test for COVID-19, testing is now available at the Downtown Public Health Clinic from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday-Friday.

When you arrive, the Downtown Public Health Clinic team will ask you questions to determine if you are showing signs and then will take your temperature. If you meet the requirements for testing, you will be tested by the Health and Medical Area Command (HMAC) team.

The HMAC team will have the results of the test and it may take up to five days for you to hear back from them. Please do not call the Downtown Public Health clinic about your results, as the clinic will not have any information about your results or be entering that information into EPIC. All information will remain with HMAC.

When you arrive at the site, please walk to the backlot. There is no parking in the backlot. They are only doing walk-ups this week. There is no need to call, just show up from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

PROTEC17 WINS at King County!

At King County, we’ve had an amazing year of victories for our PROTEC17 members and partners in the Coalition of Unions, including wage increases, extra vacation days, paid parental leave and more. These wins are the direct result of coming together as a union and using our collective voice to make change. Find the full list HERE!

New Professional Development funds now available for King County members!

Advance your professional goals through the new Professional Development Scholarship!

As part of the King County Coalition of Unions, PROTEC17 negotiated hard for employees to gain access to funds for professional development in the Master Labor Agreement. Applications are now being accepted for scholarships for training that occurs anytime between March 22, 2019 and December 31, 2019.

Scholarships are intended to support employees in growing their careers at King County. This could include enhancing your knowledge and skills for your current job field; obtaining a professional certification, license, or pursuing a degree that is related to paid work performed at King County; or preparing you for a career change in job fields performed at King County. There is a maximum allotment of $2,500 per qualified employee in 2019 for approved training opportunities.

Visit the KC HRD website to learn more about the Professional Development Scholarship.

Members ratify Total Compensation package for 2019-20!

As members of the Coalition of Unions, over 6,000 employees at King County – including more than 2,000 PROTEC17 members – leverage their collective power in order to get the best wages, hours and working conditions. Through the Coalition’s Total Compensation bargaining – which secures compensation items such as general wage increases and insurance coverage – PROTEC17 members will get a four percent wage increase in 2019, a $500 bonus in 2020, as well as a 1.5 percent increase on January 1, 2020 and a 1.5% percent increase on July 1, 2020.

The County also agreed to cover 90-day long-term disability for all employees, increase the vision reimbursement, create a voluntary short-term disability plan, and restore the early retirement insurance subsidy to ensure that retirees that do not yet qualify for Medicare get the COBRA rate. The Coalition was also able to secure wins at individual tables including range increases for several classifications in Transit and Public Health.

All bargaining units will receive retroactive pay to January 1, 2019 once the contracts are passed by the King County Council.

PROTEC17 member representatives from each bargaining unit were integral to this contract negotiation. Thank you to the team for their hard work — Peg Taglianetti and Steve Ford represented members in IT; Ross Pettit represented members in the 17F Supervisors group; Hossein Barahimi represented members in the Transit P&T bargaining unit; Jake Jacobovitch represented members in the Transit Superintendent bargaining unit; James Kost represented members in the Transit Chiefs bargaining unit; Collette Fidecaro represented members in the Transit Admins bargaining unit; Heather Eliason, Jennell Hicks and Jennifer Johnson represented members in Public Health; Mark Foote represented members in the 17M bargaining unit; and Mark Mitchell represented members in the 17A bargaining unit. Congratulations on a job well-done!