King County

Our King County members are integral to roads, transportation, emergency management, Public Health, and more for the entire Seattle-Metro area.

Meet your PROTEC17 King County contract negotiations team!

Your PROTEC17 contract negotiations team is gearing up to start bargaining at the end of September. The team is: Cynthia Adams (17F Supervisors), Marc Anderson (17D Transit P&T), Rusty Bergerson (Transit Chiefs), Chris Black (17F Supervisors FMD), Kerrie Bouie (Transit Chiefs), Cathleen Buzan (17M Roads), Charmaine Caros  (DCHS BFOs), Jane Crigler (Public Health), Leslie Drake (17M Roads), Ted Erb (17A Permitting), Collette Fidecaro (Transit Admins), Steve Ford (KCIT), Benita Grace (Transit Admins), Samantha Guthrie (17A Solid Waste), Alex Hallenius (17A DNRP/WLRD), Jennell Hicks (Public Health/DCHS), Spencer Howard (17D Transit P&T), Jake Jacobovitch (Transit Sups), Ken Johnston (Transit Sups), Brian Lencho (KCIT), Ali Omar (Public Health), Lydia Renolds-Jones (17X Section Mgrs), Jose Romo Ramirez (Public Health), Dan Santon (17D Transit P&T), Triina Van (DCHS PPMs), and Michelle Vitrano (Court Reporters).

Negotiations will focus on the values of safety, fair wages and racial equity. Updates will be sent to your personal email — if you need to update your contact information, please reach out to your Union Representative.

COVID testing for front-line KC Public Health members

If any King County Public Health employee is feeling symptoms and needs a test for COVID-19, testing is now available at the Downtown Public Health Clinic from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday-Friday.

When you arrive, the Downtown Public Health Clinic team will ask you questions to determine if you are showing signs and then will take your temperature. If you meet the requirements for testing, you will be tested by the Health and Medical Area Command (HMAC) team.

The HMAC team will have the results of the test and it may take up to five days for you to hear back from them. Please do not call the Downtown Public Health clinic about your results, as the clinic will not have any information about your results or be entering that information into EPIC. All information will remain with HMAC.

When you arrive at the site, please walk to the backlot. There is no parking in the backlot. They are only doing walk-ups this week. There is no need to call, just show up from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

PROTEC17 WINS at King County!

At King County, we’ve had many victories for our PROTEC17 members and partners in the Coalition of Unions, including wage increases, extra vacation days, paid parental leave and more. These wins are the direct result of coming together as a union and using our collective voice to make change. Find the full list HERE!