King County

Our King County members are integral to roads, transportation, emergency management, Public Health, and more for the entire Seattle-Metro area.

Chapter officer change, thank you Rocco!

As of January 2024, Rocco DeVito has resigned as Secretary-Treasurer of the King County Chapter. Chapter President Lucas Smith has appointed Aaron Julyan as Secretary-Treasurer, in accordance with their duties per Article 8 Section 1(B)(7) of the PROTEC17 Constitution.
A HUGE thank you to Rocco for their devoted service to our Chapter and Union — we look forward to continuing working together in other capacities and fighting for workers rights! A big thank you to Aaron as well for readily stepping into the Secretary-Treasurer role. We are excited for the leadership that you’ll be bringing to our chapter!

Union contracts approved by Council!

*Does not apply to Transit Chiefs and Transit Superintendents as both bargaining units are still in negotiations.

Yesterday, the King County Council voted to approve our union contracts, including both the Coalition Labor Agreement and the individual appendices that had been ratified by members. Thank you to everyone that provided testimony to the Council advocating for the adoption of our contracts!

Next, the ordinance approving the contracts will go to the Executive, Dow Constantine, for signature. That signature date will be the effective date for all new language in the contracts. The County has announced the roll out dates for the economic components as follows:

  • Prospective general wage increases (GWI) will appear on the Oct. 13, 2022 pay check
    • Total of 4.5% increase to your current base rate
  • Sliding Scale Bonus will appear on the Nov. 10, 2022 paycheck

Chart showing employee base annual pay (based on 2020 salary schedule, excluding all add-to-pays). <$100k shows a bonus amount of $4k. $100k-125k shows a bonus amount of $2k. >$125k shows a bonus amount of $1k.

*Eligible employees must have worked in 2021 without termination for cause. Inactive 2021 employees’ bonus will be dependent on days worked and prorated.
  • Retroactive GWI will appear on the Nov. 11, 2022 paycheck
    • 1.5% for 2021
    • 3% for 2022

Congratulations to our bargaining team members for all your hard work and dedication throughout this process!