Clark County

Our engineer and appraiser members at Clark County serve the community in Vancouver and beyond with pride!

Class action grievance mediation update

As discussed at our last chapter meeting, the Coalition of Unions was scheduled for mediation with Clark County on Nov. 7 over the grievance of our Me Too clause. The representatives for the Coalition prepped with our attorney beforehand and showed up in good faith, ready to resolve this grievance without the need for arbitration. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the County even though they were the ones that requested mediation. We halted the discussion after just two hours when the County refused to make any settlement offer.

This is a disappointing, but not a surprising outcome. Our attorney is moving swiftly to get back onto the arbitrator’s calendar and we will move forward with selecting witnesses and other preparations. Please contact your Union Representative, Rachel, at for any questions you may have. Please keep in mind that much of the mediation session is considered a confidential conversation.

Additional updates on the arbitration will be provided as this case progresses.

Wage changes on the way

Your bargaining team has done a great job of representing your interests with the implementation of the Baker Tilly Study. We are pleased to announce that a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed Oct. 3 and adopted by County Council on Oct. 17.

As a reminder, here’s a summary of how the new wage grades were applied to existing members:

  • Most members will remain at their current step. In some cases, wage ranges will have increased enough that members will bump into the 15% cap imposed by Council. These folks will be placed onto the step that results in the increase closest to, but not over 15% (e.g., a Real Property Appraiser III at step 11 will drop to step 9 in the new scale but receives a 14.57% increase). In other cases, wages have decreased and members are advanced in steps so as to avoid a pay decrease.
  • No incumbents will have wages decreased even if the range is above market. The language in the Admin Rule that drops people down is explicitly waived.
  • Salary Anniversary Dates (SAD’s) may be impacted if you were already at top of scale for more than 12 months. This is different than what we were initially told by the County Manager, but consistent with contract language.

See next table for how SAD’s are determined:

  • The effective date is Jan. 1, 2023 with retro pay back to the start of the year. Adjustments will be made for any steps due in 2023. (This is more than what was approved for non-reps.)
  • Employees who left the County after June 1, 2023 will receive retro for Jan. 1 to their termination date.

For any individual questions, please reach out to your Union Representative Rachel Whiteside () or your chapter leadership: Cary Armstrong, Ben Ransonet, Katie Carle, and Joe Conner.

To view this message as a PDF and zoom in on specific charts, please click HERE.

2021-24 Clark County contract ratified by members!

After tallying the votes, your 2021-2024 collective bargaining agreement (your contract) was approved by the membership!  

This was a major hurdle, and there is still a lot of work to do to get the bargaining cycle closed out and money into your paychecks. We will continue to provide updates as this work progresses.

Next steps include:

  • HR is preparing the necessary ordinance for Council approval.
  • Both parties are working towards getting this on the May 17th Council Agenda — let me know if you’re interested in testifying.
  • Following Council approval, necessary updates to Workday will be programmed.
  • Agreed upon classification updates and market studies will commence — we are working to prioritize classifications with active recruitments and/or multiple vacancies.
  • We don’t have a date for the Retention Bonus checks or annual wage adjustment backpay, but I would not expect them before June.

Feel free to contact your Union Representative Rachel Whiteside if you have any questions, or any member of your Bargaining Team: Cary Armstrong, Sarah Smith, Katie Carle, Ben Ransonet, and Alex Van Dinter.

Tentative Agreement Reached – April 2022!

The Bargaining Team has reached a Tentative Agreement with the County for your 2021-2024 contract!

As noted in previous communications and chapter meetings, this has been an arduous process with the County. Through the patience of our membership and the diligence of this Team we have a better deal to present you than we did six months ago when the County handed us their “last best final offer.”

At the Chapter Meeting in March, the Bargaining Team presented an overview of changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement and discussed where we started vs where we ended. Since that meeting, we learned of a retention bonus offered to AFSCME and demanded the same for our members. We are happy to report that this agreement includes a two-part retention bonus in addition to the other changes presented in March.

Please review the summary of changes and the full redlined version of the contract, then VOTE via the electronic ballot sent to your personal email by 12 p.m on Fri.,  April 22

Feel free to contact your Union Representative Rachel Whiteside if you have any questions, or any member of your Bargaining Team: Cary Armstrong, Sarah Smith, Katie Carle, Ben Ransonet, and Alex Van Dinter.

Contract Mediation Update – Jan. 2022

As you may recall, our membership split with the Coalition back in August when the County made it’s Last Best Final offer that same month. Since then, we have solicited feedback at multiple chapter meetings and continued to meet with the County and a state provided mediator. This has been a frustrating and demoralizing process from the start, but your Bargaining Team has been working hard to get the best outcome for the membership.

As a reminder, all provisions of our collective bargaining agreement (CBA) remain in full effect while we continue to negotiate with the County. However, there is no provision in the existing CBA for a wage adjustment for 2022. The County currently has 2.2% on the table (which is what other groups are receiving), but we will not be eligible for the increase until our membership has voted to ratify a new agreement.

We do not currently have our next mediation date scheduled, though the mediator is continuing to facilitate discussion between the parties, and we hope to have a tentative agreement ready to present to the membership before the end of January.

Feel free to contact your Union Representative Rachel Whiteside if you have any questions, or any member of your Bargaining Team: Cary Armstrong, Sarah Smith, Katie Carle, Ben Ransonet, and Alex Van Dinter. Once we have something concrete, we will host a virtual Q&A session prior to holding a ratification vote.