Clark County

Our engineer and appraiser members at Clark County serve the community in Vancouver and beyond with pride!

Bargaining kicks off in July!

Bargaining Kicks Off in July!  

Thank you to the all the members who completed the pre-bargaining membership survey.  Your bargaining team anticipates there will be other opportunities to provide more specific feedback as bargaining progresses.A chart with five sections on an arrow pointing to the right. They read in order,

Feel free to contact your Union Representative Rachel Whiteside if you have any questions, or any member of your Bargaining Team: Katie Carle, Michael King, Joseph Conner, Tina Kendall, and Alex Van Dinter.

“Me too” arbitration hearing

Way back in January 2023, the Coalition of Unions filed a class action grievance with the County. The complaint was filed under the parity clause provision in Appendix C of our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) when the County Council awarded the County Manager a ten percent pay increase, while union members only received two percent, triggering the “Me Too” language that advocates for our members to get any pay increases given to managers. After many months of delays and reschedule requests from the County, we finally made it before the Arbitrator in the last week of March.

Witnesses for the Coalition of Unions included PROTEC17 Union Representative Rachel Whiteside and the former OPEIU Secretary-Treasurer, Maureen Goldberg, who was also the Coalition Chair during the 2018 and 2021 bargaining cycles. The County relied on County Manager Kathleen Otto, a string of previous HR Directors, and an HR Analyst who is responsible for compiling data requests. The Coalition was represented by Tedesco Law Group.

We are now in the final logistical phases of the process where the attorneys for each side provide their closing (written) briefs to the Arbitrator who then has another 30 days to review the full record and make their decision. The Coalitions expect that decision by the first week in July.

Baker-Tilly updates

We reached a resolution with our Engineers series in March. The updated wage ranges — where all positions moved up by at least one grade — were entered into WorkDay effective March 16. Central Payroll estimated it would take about two pay cycles to process the retro payments for the period of Jan. 1, 2023 through March 15, 2024. This concludes negotiations for all filled positions in our bargaining unit. Chapter leadership is continuing to work with management and HR on addressing the Industrial Appraiser classification which impacts future promotional opportunities and current out of class work.

Your Chapter Officers and Union Representative, Rachel Whiteside, have received lots of questions about Phase II of Baker-Tilly. None of the unions in the Coalition have been provided updated information on Phase II to date. However, we are aware that part of the work plan for the new HR Manager, Monique Hunter, includes some of the Phase II recommendations from the consultant. We will share out information as it becomes available.

Bargaining timeline

After tallying the votes, your 2021-2024 collective bargaining agreement (your contract) was approved by the membership!  

This was a major hurdle, and there is still a lot of work to do to get the bargaining cycle closed out and money into your paychecks. We will continue to provide updates as this work progresses.

Next steps include:

  • HR is preparing the necessary ordinance for Council approval.
  • Both parties are working towards getting this on the May 17th Council Agenda — let me know if you’re interested in testifying.
  • Following Council approval, necessary updates to Workday will be programmed.
  • Agreed upon classification updates and market studies will commence — we are working to prioritize classifications with active recruitments and/or multiple vacancies.
  • We don’t have a date for the Retention Bonus checks or annual wage adjustment backpay, but I would not expect them before June.

Feel free to contact your Union Representative Rachel Whiteside if you have any questions, or any member of your Bargaining Team: Cary Armstrong, Sarah Smith, Katie Carle, Ben Ransonet, and Alex Van Dinter.

There are three calendar graphics. The first reads, "Bargaining Team nominations by April 26." The second one reads, "Bargaining survey for members April 19 to May 5." The third graphic reads, "Present priorities to membership May 8."