Frequently Asked Questions

PROTEC17 membership provides a wide range benefits that enhance the lives of our members and their families, and grants access to resources that allow members to achieve their professional and personal goals. With a contract that guarantees strong wages, benefits, and working conditions, and programs that offer members professional development opportunities, scholarships for their dependents, and robust discounts on products and services, PROTEC17 membership is a great value.

PROTEC17 has one of the lowest dues rates in the Pacific Northwest — 0.85% (or .0085) of your gross earnings. As a non-profit, democratically-run organization, our budget is overseen and approved by members, and dues can only be raised by a vote of all members. Also, PROTEC17 has no initiation fee. Your dues dollars go towards contract negotiations and enforcement, research, communications and many other areas that help us support our members.

No. PROTEC17 never uses dues money to make endorsements of political candidates. We have a separate Political Action Committee (PAC) that is funded with the voluntary donations of members. The money in this fund is used to contribute to worker-friendly and public employee-friendly candidates.

There are many opportunities to get involved in your union!  From serving on the PROTEC17 Executive Board or Regional Executive Committee (REC), to becoming a Chapter Officer or Steward, to representing your fellow members on a negotiating or policy committee, to being a trusted communicator, to simply showing up to meetings, reading emails, and voting… Each member plays an important role in our success!  The best way to learn about what opportunities are available is to attend your Chapter meeting, talk to your current Chapter officers, or ask your Steward or Union Representative. Find an event near you on our events page.