Snohomish County

Snohomish Contracts Approved Thank you for voting on your SHD contracts with Snohomish County. We are pleased to announce that the membership has approved all three contracts to [...]

Snohomish County2023-11-29T11:44:28-08:00

Whatcom County Health Department

2020 Contract Extension Ratified by Whatcom Members Whatcom members voted on Nov. 30 to accept the 2020 Contract Extension Letter of Agreement (LOA) and the Job Share Grandfathering LOA. [...]

Whatcom County Health Department2022-02-10T16:10:14-08:00

Chelan Douglas Health District

BIG WINS in the 2022-23 contract! Negotiations have ended for the wage opener with Chelan-Douglas Health District (CDHD) with extremely positive results! CDHD members will receive a cost-of-living adjustment [...]

Chelan Douglas Health District2023-04-13T09:35:09-07:00

Benton-Franklin Health District

Your Leadership Team! Your union leadership team at BFHD are (left to right): Lars Richins (REC Delegate), Emerson Bevington (REC Alternate), Angeles Ize (Labor Council Delegate), Bethany Hickey [...]

Benton-Franklin Health District2023-06-28T09:59:33-07:00

Skagit County

Members ratify vaccine mandate agreement with Skagit County Find the vaccine mandate memorandum of agreement between PROTEC17 and Skagit County HERE.  Meet the [...]

Skagit County2023-01-17T15:43:10-08:00

King County

Union Contracts Approved by Council! *Does not apply to Transit Chiefs and Transit Superintendents as both bargaining units are still in negotiations. Yesterday, the King County Council voted [...]

King County2023-11-27T11:12:01-08:00

Kitsap Public Health District

Your 2022-2024 contract is ratified! We are pleased to report that your 2022-24 contract has been overwhelmingly approved by the PROTEC17 membership at Kitsap Public Health District. Your [...]

Kitsap Public Health District2023-04-10T10:00:31-07:00

Spokane Regional Health District

Members ratify vaccine mandate agreement with SRHD Find the vaccine mandate memorandum of agreement between PROTEC17 and SRHD HERE.  Get involved in your [...]

Spokane Regional Health District2023-06-22T15:48:59-07:00
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