Snohomish County

Our members at Snohomish County perform a variety of jobs — like Health Educators, Social Workers, Vaccine Coordinators, and Environmental Health Specialists — that keep the community in Snohomish County running.

Snohomish Contracts Approved

Thank you for voting on your SHD contracts with Snohomish County. We are pleased to announce that the membership has approved all three contracts to be ratified (Allied Health Unit, Environmental Health Unit, and Environmental Health Supervisors).

You can find all three contracts/agreements here:

Contract Negotiations Update – Dec. 2022

Your PROTEC17 bargaining team met with Snohomish County on November 30 and December 6. We are making great strides towards a collective bargaining agreement (your contract), and we believe that we are very close to reaching a tentative agreement (TA).

Once we reach a TA with the County, we will hold a virtual information session, send out a copy of the agreement, and open a ratification vote where you will ultimately decide whether the contract is adopted.

Contract Negotiations Update – Oct. 31, 2022

Today, your PROTEC17 bargaining team presented our counterproposal to the County’s initial proposal at our bargaining session. Our proposal reflects the rights and benefits that our membership at SHD have fought for over several decades in our current contract — with a wage increase that recognizes both current inflation and wage adjustments to more properly accommodate for the increase in the cost of living.

The County’s lead negotiator stated that he would seek additional parameters from County officials to respond to our proposal. Given the costs associated with our proposal today, and the need for the County’s lead negotiator to get authority for their response, our next bargaining session date is to be determined. We will be sure to let you know of the date as soon as it is solidified. As always, thank you to the bargaining team for all your efforts!

Contract Negotiations Update – Oct. 25, 2022

Yesterday, we had our first round of contract negotiations with Snohomish County. As I’ve mentioned in a few of our previous Chapter meetings and communications, Snohomish County is a new employer for PROTEC17, and much of this year’s negotiations will be centered on integrating your previous Health District contract into this new ecosystem.

The County provided us with a proposal and the PROTEC17 bargaining team asked clarifying questions. We will be drafting a counterproposal to present to the County during our next round of negotiations, which is Mon., Oct. 31. Please check your email for an update next week when we will have more information about the timeline and priorities.

Thank you to negotiation team members Miyuki Blatt, Holli Bruce, Megan Betolacci, Aran Enger, Michael Johnson, and Jeff Hutchison for representing PROTEC17 members at the bargaining table!