As the 2024 legislative session progresses, we’d like to share updates on our priority bills. This year has been fruitful for PROTEC17, yet much remains to be tackled to further support our members, particularly those in public health.

Legislative Priorities Update

Digital Union Membership Signatures – SB 6060
Physical signatures for union cards are mandated by the Washington Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) — creating a bottleneck for union recognition. Senate Bill (SB) 6060 proposes a shift to digital signatures, a move that is in sync with states like California, Oregon, and Minnesota, as well as the National Labor Relations Board standards. The bill aims to streamline the process for Washington State public sector workers to join a union, enhancing job accessibility. Allowing digital signatures would simplify the unionization process, ensuring greater access to union jobs and aligning Washington with progressive labor standards. The bill has passed both legislative chambers and awaits the Governor’s signature.

Property Tax Cap Adjustment – SB 5770
The existing 1% property tax cap has constrained local government budgets, impacting their ability to fully fund essential services. SB 5770 would revise this cap to account for inflation and population growth, raising the cap to a maximum of three percent. This adjustment aims to empower local governments to adequately support vital community services. Without this adjustment, communities face potential cuts to critical services, which would lead to negative outcomes including health risks, infrastructure decline, and workforce reductions. SB 5770 is no longer under legislative consideration, but we are not giving up! 

PROTEC17 is rallying support to safeguard public health funding in King County by initiating a campaign to protect these vital services. For involvement opportunities, please contact our Political Director, Brandon Hersey, at  

State Salary Survey Advocacy – SB 5694
Restrictions have hindered the Office of Financial Management (OFM) from setting fair wage rates, particularly affecting roles predominantly occupied by women and minorities. SB 5694 advocates for the integration of salary surveys and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) goals in wage setting, aiming for equitable compensation. The absence of legislative support restricts unions’ ability to mandate the use of salary surveys in negotiations which keeps workers from receiving a fair return on their work. PROTEC17, alongside Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) Council 28 and Washington Public Employees Association (WPEA), is exploring additional strategies to address this compensation issue.

Thank you to everyone who has taken legislative action during this session. The highlighted initiatives represent PROTEC17’s dedication to enhancing our members’ work life and community well-being. We encourage union members to actively support these efforts and join us in contributing to a more equitable, sustainable future for all.