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Almost 900 strong, our Portland members keep the city moving, performing vital services in nearly every bureau that benefit the Portland community.

COVID-19 Emergency Benefits

PROTEC17 has been working in coalition with other unions to come to an agreement with the City of Portland to protect your health, safety and livelihoods during the COVID-19 crisis. On March 25, City Council adopted a Letter of Agreement, which includes expanded protections of your wages and benefits, as well as provisional emergency leave benefits, for the duration of the pandemic response.

Below you can find links to the ordinance and LOA, a summary of the benefits in the agreement, and flowcharts that will may help answer any questions you might have. The summary and flowcharts are provided so you don’t have to decipher any of the ordinance or LOA yourself.

Ordinance with the full Letter of Agreement (LOA)
Summary of benefits in COVID-19 LOA
COVID-19 leave flowchart
High risk employees flowchart

Our number one concern is your health and safety, and we know that your wages and healthcare benefits are a part of that. Please contact your Union Representative Rachel Whiteside if you have any additional questions or concerns.

2020 Oregon Primary Endorsements

Following interviews with 15 candidates for Portland City Council and Portland Mayor, PROTEC17 has made endorsements for the May 2020 primary. Please visit our Government Affairs page to learn more:

Thank you to the PROTEC17 interview committee, which was made up of 7 members from across City bureaus who volunteered for this role.

Paul Cone, Portland Chapter President, Bureau of Technology Services
Mary Edin, Portland Chapter Secretary, Bureau of Transportation
Emily Tabachnick, PROTEC17 Trustee, Bureau of Technology Services
Rachel Burlington, Portland Chapter Vice President, Parks Bureau
Dat Nguyen, PROTEC17 member, Bureau of Technology Services
Michael Goins, PROTEC17 member, Water Bureau
Ian Hackett, PROTEC17 member, Bureau of Environmental Services
Emily Wilson,PROTEC17 member, Bureau of Development Services

2019 Vacation Leave Maximums

Under the changes to the vacation accrual schedule that went into effect at the start of the calendar year, vacation accrual rates change each year until you reach 26 years or more. Therefore, the maximum number of hours of vacation over the max will also change yearly. To determine the maximum number of hours you can carry over, you need to first know where you are on the accrual schedule. This can be found my checking SAP. Here’s a screenshot:

Then check this file to determine your maximum accrual.

For instance, if you are currently at the 9-year accrual rate – carrying 296.40 vacation hours – you will move to the 10-year rate of 304.20 vacation hours, so any vacation hours over 304.20 will drop January 9, 2020.

Note: Personal Holidays (the first 24 hours of your vacation leave) must be used by December 31st. They do NOT carry over.

PROTEC17 members may now carry over up to 5 deferred holidays. This includes days awarded to essential employees when the City is closed for business.

Questions? Contact your bureau timekeeper for assistance.

Want more vacation leave?

Under Article 12, Section 2, if an employee has a balance of 100 hours or more of sick leave at the end of the calendar year and has used less than 1/2 their annual sick leave accrual (51 or fewer hours for full-time employees, 25.5 hours for half-time employees) in that calendar year, you are eligible to covert up to 25% of the remaining sick leave accrued in the calendar year to vacation leave. You may request the conversion as soon as the first full pay period in January.