On Sat., March 2, the PROTEC17 Regional Executive Committee (REC), our union’s policy-making body, convened via Zoom to conduct the business of our union. At this meeting, delegates reviewed and approved the 2024 budget and shared important victories in their Chapters that highlight our growing member-powered union. 

The meeting opened with a welcome and tribal land acknowledgement by PROTEC17 Executive Board President Rachael Brooks, followed by a review of community agreements for a respectful, productive meeting. Trustee Emily Tabachnick then led the swearing in of many new REC delegates. The minutes from the October meeting were then approved by the body.  

In her report, Executive Director Karen Estevenin highlighted and celebrated the many wins of 2023 and the tremendous progress we have made on the 2023-2025 strategic plan, whose three priorities are to: 1) Create a strong union identity and culture, 2) Build our political power and community connections, and 3) Strengthen member leadership programs and opportunities. Some of the work done in 2023 includes: hosting 36 workshops, training over 100 new Stewards and 600 leaders, organizing more than 200 new classifications, and reaching 10,000 represented members. 

Delegates then heard a presentation from Executive Board Secretary-Treasurer Mason Emrys about the proposed 2024 budget, which included an increase for organizing and several big campaigns including the Save Public Health campaign (p. 8-9). After a motion to approve and an open discussion, the budget was adopted by the delegation. 

In the last hour of the meeting, delegates heard from their fellow members about victories in their Chapters, including new unionization efforts, contract campaign successes, member leader development, and others. Then other delegates got to share their own highlights from 2023 in Zoom breakout rooms.

After reconvening in the main room, delegates heard from PROTEC17 Political Director Brandon Hersey and Research Director and Oregon Legislative Advocate Elliot Levin about the 2024 legislative sessions in Washington and Oregon (read more on page 11). Hersey also discussed the developing Save Public Health campaign (p.8-9), which is aimed to prevent the closure of clinics in King County before impacts to our most vulnerable communities, as well as to PROTEC17 members who work at the clinics. It is also an opportunity for leaders across our union to help support this important effort to keep public services public. 

Thank you to all of the REC delegates for a productive and successful meeting, and for all you do for our union. We’ll see you at the in-person meeting this fall!