The PROTEC17 scholarship program – now in it’s 10th year! – has awarded nearly $60,000 in scholarships to members’ dependents to help in their pursuit of a higher education. After very careful deliberation, we are proud to announce that our 2021 scholarship winners are Shayleigh Howells and Nathan Wall. 

Each year, the PROTEC17 scholarship is open to the children, grandchildren or dependents of members as they enter or continue their studies in college or technical school. There are two $3,000 awards – one for an incoming freshman, and one for a continuing college student. Scholarship applications were accepted through July 31. In the application, students are asked to demonstrate their academic achievements, educational goals, and extracurricular activities. In addition, applicants submit letters of recommendation, and a labor-related essay that is judged by two external labor educators. 

Nathan Wall, son of City of Seattle member Amy Gray, is our graduating high school student winner. He started at Lawrence University in Minnesota in September. While he hasn’t decided on a major just yet, in his scholarship application he indicated that he wants to “pursue a career that directly challenges the powerful.” Throughout his years in high school, he was active in the marching band, as well as on local and national political campaigns. This semester, he is taking U.S. History, Biology and English. 

“When working people stand together, they can beat back attempts by their managers, bosses, and industry captains to crush their power. If more people were in unions, the world would be a better place for everyone,” said Wall in his scholarship essay.

Shayleigh Howells, our first ever grandchild scholarship winner, is the granddaughter of Clark County member Mary Howells. She is in her third year at Washington State University, majoring in Human Resources and minoring in Business. Because of her love of travel, she is hoping to pursue a career in the hotel industry after she graduates. She is excited to be back on campus and learning in person after 18 months of the pandemic. 

“Education is very important to me, and this scholarship will help me fulfill my goals in life,” said Howells. “It will also help others that have financially supported me. I am very grateful to be back on campus and hope to continue to learn in person.”

Both Wall and Howells expressed their gratitude to PROTEC17 members for supporting this award and for helping them and their families to ease the financial burden of a college education, especially since COVID-19 has added additional stresses to everyone’s lives. 

“This award will make paying for school a bit easier – I won’t have to worry this year,” said Wall. 

Thank you to all of our applicants, and best of luck this school year!