artwork by @arielsinha

Artwork by @arielsinhaha

As we stay in our homes to stay socially distant and protect public health, another public health crisis is ongoing — racism.

This week’s shocking news of George Floyd, amidst the ongoing atrocities of violence against people of color across the U.S. — including the recent killings of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor — are tragic and must stop. And just like with this pandemic, it is going to take all of us to do our part.

PROTEC17 stands against injustice. We stand in solidarity with the family and friends of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and many others. We demand justice and a cease and desist to the unnecessary violence. We demand our right to protest peacefully, to raise our voices, and to stand in solidarity.

For those that are able to join us in-person, PROTEC17 members in the Seattle area will be standing in solidarity at Westlake Center (400 Pine St.) tomorrow, May 30 at 3 p.m. to mourn these three victims along with countless other souls lost to the pervasive racism that still exists in this country today. The event is hosted by the group ‘Not This Time’. We will have masks and gloves, and encourage people to maintain a safe six foot social distance. If you would like to join us, look for our PROTEC17 signs near the fountain on the west side of the park.

If you are unable to attend, there are many other ways you can take action. From signing online petitions at and, to supporting groups like the NAACP, Southern Poverty Law Center and Black Lives Matter, to educating ourselves about the system of oppression that is at the root of all of this pain, we can all play a part in creating an America where everyone is treated like a human being and justice wins.

Throughout its history, the Labor Movement has aligned with the Civil Rights Movement in the fight for social, economic, and racial justice. PROTEC17 continues to be committed to this fight, and our members have made it one of the top priorities in our organization’s Strategic Plan. Individually and collectively, we must continue to vehemently pursue this mission. Too many lives have been lost and it must end.

In solidarity,
Karen Estevenin, PROTEC17 Executive Director