PROTEC17 members who work for various transportation agencies throughout Washington state attended our first ever Transportation Lobby Day on Feb. 13. The day gave members the opportunity to talk with their legislators about their jobs and the importance of funding and support to keep residents safe and moving.

After voters narrowly passed Tim Eyman’s $30 car tab initiative (I-976) in November 2019, several members expressed concern about the impacts to their jobs. In response, Transportation Lobby Day was created to encourage members to get politically active so that decision-makers know the true impacts of their funding decisions. I-976 was one of the main topics with legislators.

Over 15 PROTEC17 members and staff attended the event, representing the Washington State Department of Tranportation (WSDOT), King County, and Pierce County (Daniel Jones, Kristina Lei, Steve Morgans, Nate Schumer, and Ed Walker from WSDOT; Jake Jacobovitch and Dan Santon from King County; and Troy Lee from Pierce County).

“I appreciated being heard by our State legislators and their staff about our concerns for transportation funding and public employee privacy,” said Jones. “I encourage everyone to gather your thoughts and ideas for policies, rules, and laws that will make your work and workplaces better and share them with your legislators.”

Just one day before Lobby Day, a King County judge upheld some of the constitutionality of I-976, which had been challenged in the courts shortly after its passage. However, implementation of the $30 car tabs will still be on hold through the appeals process that will likely head to the state Supreme Court. Car tabs will be collected as usual until the decision is finalized.

If you are interested in getting connected to the your fellow members in transportation to discuss ways to advocate for funding for good jobs and safe transportation, please contact Union Rep Sarah Lorenzini at or 800-783-0017 ext. 110.