Since the inception of the scholarship program in 2011, PROTEC17 has awarded $45,000 in scholarships to the children of members. After very careful deliberation, we are proud to announce that our 2019 scholarship winners are Marshall Simon and Chloe Mezek.

Each year, the PROTEC17 scholarship is open to the children, grandchildren or dependents of members in good standing as they enter or continue their studies in college or technical school. There are two $3,000 awards – one for an incoming freshman, and one for a continuing college student. Scholarship applications were accepted through July 31. The application asked students to demonstrate their academic achievments, educational goals, and extracurricular and volunteer activities.

In addition, applicants needed to submit letters of recommendation, and a labor-related essay, which was judged by outside labor educators.

Marshall Simon, son of City of Seattle member Brenda Simon, is our freshman winner, who started at Washington State University in August. As a student athlete and musician, Simon is majoring in music performance while simultaneously keeping a busy schedule on the baseball team. He hopes to be a jazz trumpeter.

“I feel like my education is very important to my success,” said Simon. “That’s why I am so excited that I’ve been given the opportunity to continue my education and grow towards achieving my goals.”

Chloe Mezek is our scholarship winner in the continuing student category. She, too, has a passion for music and is majoring in Business Management with a concentration in the music industry at Five Towns College in New York State. After graduation, she would like to develop emerging artists as a talent scout. Her mother, member-leader Mindi Mezek, works for the Washington State Patrol.

“My favorite thing about college is getting to meet people who are passionate about whatever they’re majoring in,” said Mezek. “My goal and dream is to work in the music industry helping grow and develop emerging artists.”

PROTEC17 is proud to offer this scholarship program to our members to help ease the financial burden of a college education for their children. Both Simon and Mezek expressed their gratitude to the members of PROTEC17 for supporting their dreams.