After many months of seeking the right candidate for the job of PROTEC17 Executive Director, we are excited to announce that Karen Estevenin was unanimously confirmed for the role by our Regional Executive Committee (REC) at their April 13 meeting.

PROTEC17 President Hossein Barahimi and incoming Executive Director Karen Estevenin.

Karen brings to us considerable experience in organizing, representation, negotiating, internal organizing, member and staff development, training, and strategic planning and leadership. She began her career in the Labor Movement over 16 years ago at the Communication Workers of America. Karen also worked for UFCW 21 for nine years, and has served as the Director of Internal Organizing for Teamsters 117 for the past four years.

As a passionate leader and labor advocate who pours her whole heart into this work, Karen is well-respected in the labor community. She has many positive connections with other union staff members and leadership, community allies, and elected officials.  She brings with her a community of advocates and labor leaders who are supportive and eager to collaborate with PROTEC17.

In addition to her wealth of labor experience, Karen worked for PROTEC17 as our Membership Development Coordinator back in 2015. She understands our organization well, and already has many positive relationships with members and staff that will make for a seamless and productive transition.

Karen’s extensive and diverse experience in the Labor Movement, coupled with her collaborative spirit and strategic vision, more than qualify her to lead PROTEC17.  We are excited to have her back at our organization, and are ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead with the strength of her leadership.  She will start in this new role on Mon., May 6.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone involved in the hiring process for their desire to see our organization succeed!  Thank you to the Executive Board and the hiring panel, who spent countless hours defining candidate qualifications, screening resumes, and interviewing; and to PROTEC17 staff who fully committed to this process, and stepped up to fill in so that our organization could continue to run smoothly during the transition.