Steward Commitment Form

Great job on stepping up to be a Steward with PROTEC17 and helping to build a stronger union workplace for you and your co-workers--this work would not be possible without you.
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Please read the following and type your name if you agree:
Pledge to do my best:
  • Communicate and coordinate with PROTEC17 staff concerning union issues.
  • Work closely with PROTEC17 staff to ensure the goals of my unit are identified and pursued.
  • Participate in union-provided training.
  • Become proficient in basic contract administration and member representation principles.
  • Assist PROTEC17 in communicating with members.
  • Help PROTEC17 organize existing and new members.
  • Reach out to New Hires in my worksite to welcome them to PROTEC17 and encourage them to sign their membership form as close to their first day of work as possible.
  • Support PROTEC17 (staff, other Stewards, members, etc.,) and encourage positive feelings about the union.
  • Uphold PROTEC17’s Constitution and Policies.
  • Represent the interests of union members in a professional and conscientious manner.
  • Do my best to uphold and support the spirit and principles of my union and the labor movement in the ongoing effort to protect and enhance workers’ rights.
I understand that:
  • As a Steward I am an agent of the union and PROTEC17 may be liable for my actions and omissions.
  • The Executive Director may remove me from the position of Steward, whether elected or appointed, if I act, or fail to act, in violation of PROTEC17’s Constitution and Policies, or if my actions or omissions are deemed to be harmful or potentially harmful to PROTEC17 and the best interests of its members. I have the right to appeal this removal to the Executive Board.
By signing below
I ensure that I have read and understand the duties and responsibilities of committing to the role of "Steward."
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