Washington State Patrol

We have almost 250 members who work for the Washington State Patrol as Communications Officers (COs) and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers (CVEOs). Both play integral roles in keeping us safe on our roadways and beyond.

Negotiations underway for the 2021-2023 State contract

Meet the PROTEC17 negotiations team, who will be bargaining virtually with the State during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On May 20, the PROTEC17 State negotiating team had its first session with the Governor’s Office of Financial Management (OFM) and state agency management to bargain the 2021-2023 contract. For the first time ever, negotiations were held by videoconference while the Governor’s COVID-19 stay home order and phased reopening plan remains in effect.

Your PROTEC17 team presented our first set of proposals to OFM, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), Department of Licensing (DOL), and the Washington State Patrol (WSP). The proposals included both economic and non-economics items such as: posting of minimum job requirements; Licensing Service Representative (LSR) transfers; performance evaluations; compensatory time maximum; paid time for union and professional training; parity for Tuesday through Saturday LSRs; clarification on positions needing “relief replacement” and inclement weather; union access to new employees; assignment pay for those working around asbestos; and the extension of an MOU specific to WSDOT engineers.

We will meet again with State leadership on June 10 to hear the State’s response to our proposals and to receive the State’s initial proposals.

We will also continue to work with our Union partners to strategize around how to handle negotiating economics in light of what will be an unprecedented hole in the State budget. Thank you to all of you who filled out our recent survey regarding this year’s round of negotiating.

As things continue to evolve and change on a daily basis, we are committed to keeping you updated on developments. Feel free to reach out to your Union Steward, Rep, or a member of the State Bargaining team any time. This year’s team consists of the following State colleagues, as well as PROTEC17 staff:

Bonnie Caress, DOL
Russ Hallgren, WSP
Chanel Johnson, DOL
Daniel Jones, WSDOT
John Kleinkopf, WSDOT
Anthony Madsen, DOL
Mindi Mezek, WSP
Steve Morgans, WSDOT
Faith Shuler, WSDOT
Christina Belt, WSP (Alternate)
Bill Hicks, WSP Subject Matter Expert