City of Tacoma

Our Tacoma members perform essential duties that help their fellow city residents get electricity, water and everything in between.

Negotiations Update – November 2022

We had our most recent bargaining session on Nov. 17 with the City of Tacoma at the Center of Urban Waters. The topic of discussion was our proposal to have the City supply bullet-proof vests for employees in classifications where this added protection is necessary. It was a thorough and productive conversation and although nothing has been resolved yet, it remains an extremely important issue for the bargaining team.

Our next negotiations session will be on Dec. 5 where our team will be making our economic proposal. In addition to cost-of-living increases, we will be proposing targeted increases for many job classifications that are currently below market levels. This proposal has taken a great deal of time to compile as we reach out to members to gather input and compare against similar jobs in the region — taking into account how our classifications have evolved. We will also have negotiations the following week on Dec. 13 as we work towards a deal that you will approve of as soon as possible.

Tacoma members ratify 2019-2022 contract

After ballots were counted on Oct. 30, Tacoma members overwhelmingly voted ‘YES’ on their 2019-22 contract.

This contract marks some major wins for Tacoma members, including: COLAs of 3% in 2019, with retroactive pay to Jan. 1, 2019, 3% in 2020, 2.5% in 2021 and 2.25% in 2022; additional market adjustments for many classifications; certification pay for inspectors and more. The bargaining team – Brett Burrows, Jim McDaniel, Drayton McLaren, John Reeves, Mike Sowards, and Renee Thompson – did a fantastic job. Please give them a ‘thank you’ when you see them!