City of Tacoma

Our Tacoma members perform essential duties that help their fellow city residents get electricity, water and everything in between.

Tacoma members ratify 2019-2022 contract

After ballots were counted on Oct. 30, Tacoma members overwhelmingly voted ‘YES’ on their 2019-22 contract.

This contract marks some major wins for Tacoma members, including: COLAs of 3% in 2019, with retroactive pay to Jan. 1, 2019, 3% in 2020, 2.5% in 2021 and 2.25% in 2022; additional market adjustments for many classifications; certification pay for inspectors and more. The bargaining team – Brett Burrows, Jim McDaniel, Drayton McLaren, John Reeves, Mike Sowards, and Renee Thompson – did a fantastic job. Please give them a ‘thank you’ when you see them!