City of Seattle

The City of Seattle is our biggest member group with over 2,700 members!  We represent hundreds of classifications in nearly every department in the city. Our dedicated members are the heart of Seattle government.

Negotiations for your next contract are underway!

Negotiations for your next contract with the City of Seattle kicked off on Sept. 20 with the Coalition of Unions. Thank you to the bargaining team for volunteering for this important role!

Your bargaining team is:

Rachael Brooks, City Light
Bronwen Carpenter, Parks
Ulysses Hillard, SPU
Gina Kim, SPU
Denise Krownbell, City Light
Ross McFarland, SDOT
Jennifer Peirce, Municipal Court
Dorel Radauceanu, Municipal Court
Jennifer Walker, SPD
Darren Wilson, Construction and Inspections (SDCI)
Plus alternates: Walker Dodson (OFH) and Aimee Kimball (City Light)

Want to get more involved? Attending rallies, meetings, and events, taking surveys, wearing stickers, and/or being a communicator who shares updates with your co-workers, for example, are all pivotal activities that show a unified front! If you’d like to help, please let your Union Representative know.

Remember, your participation is crucial to this process!

We look forward to working with you to get a strong contract for our Seattle members!