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This event is hosted by Race Forward: The Center for Racial Justice Innovation

Women of color live at the crossroads of racial and gendered oppression, with dire consequences. We see this in the alarming rise of violence against trans Black women, with each year becoming deadlier than the one prior and 96% of trans folk murdered being trans feminine people. We also see this in the rise of anti-Asian hate crimes, of which 68% target Asian women. For many women, the violence is also felt close to home: the CDC estimates that 53% of all female victims of homicide were killed by an intimate partner, and Black women were the most likely to die at the hands of a partner. Native American women follow with the second highest incidence rate.

Join us for a conversation among organizers and leaders addressing gendered and racialized violence in our communities: from the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous and Black women, to targeted attacks against Asian women, to ongoing violence against trans and gender non-conforming people, to the trafficking of immigrant women.

#RaceAnd Femicide will ground us on the roots of femicide, as well as its present day manifestations. Participants will also explore steps we can take as a collective society to find transformative solutions that do not perpetuate violence and further criminalize people, but rather get to the root causes of femicide. Join us on April 14th at 3 PM/ET to learn how the issue is impacting our different communities and how we can combat it.

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