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This is a webinar hosted by Labor’s Bookstore.

With a resurgence of union organizing, looking at our history shows how we have adapted to a changing world, and how we overcame fierce opposition. Both instructive and inspiring, this course will cover more than 200 years of struggle and will also emphasize our future.

The course will include:

  • How is our history recorded
  • Early Organizing–Craftsmen and Criminals
  • Fighting Back Against the Factory system
  • Slavery and Resistance to a labor system
  • The Growth of National Unions
  • Sit-Down Strikes
  • The Post-War Social Compact
  • The Red Scare and the Rise of Anti-Unionism
  • Tomorrow’s Organizing

Bill Barry is a retired organizer and active labor history teacher.

The cost is $30. A link will be sent one-week prior to the event.



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