For the last several years, PROTEC17 has continued to grow our membership, and in 2023 we crested 10,000 represented classifications – the highest number in our history!  This growth is the result of a combination of strategic outreach, former members who want to organize their new, non-union positions with us, and direct solicitations from workers who think PROTEC17 is the best fit for themselves and their collegues.  

New PROTEC17 Classifications and Contracts

In 2023, we added over 140 workers in newly-represented classifications and at new employers to our member-powered union. This follows record growth in 2020, 2021, and 2022, that has increased our worker power by close to 1,000 new classifications that have organized into PROTEC17 over the last four years. 

While many of our organizing campaigns took place within existing PROTEC17 employers, like the City of Seattle and Yakima Health District, we did welcome 15 new members from the City of Mount Vernon — a new employer for PROTEC17. 

Some of our newest groups also bargained their first contract in 2023, including the King County Regional Homelessness Authority and the Port of Seattle, who both joined in 2021.

Because of our organizing momentum, we continue to hear from more workers who want to organize in 2024. Hearing from current union members is an effective way to spread the word! If you know of colleagues in non-union positions who want to join PROTEC17 and you want to help, please visit: or reach out to us at . We love welcoming new members to our union! 

Member-Leader Training

In addition to growth organizing efforts, PROTEC17 is continuting to strengthen our union through member-leader development training and programs. 

In 2023, we held over 36 leader trainings, and trained over 100 new Stewards through a series of one-hour virtual sessions. Member-leaders also attended other trainings and programs last year with the aim of strengthening our union, including: Secrets of a Successful Organizer, hosted by Labor Notes, and a series of racial justice workshops and discussion groups for both BIPOC+ members and white-bodied members. 

Both growth organizing and member development continue to be key objectives in our 2023-2025 Strategic Plan. We are well on the path to reaching these goals in 2024 with new organizing campaigns underway, and dozens of trainings already on the calendar. You can find a list of our upcoming 2024 trainings on page 9, as well as on the PROTEC17 website: