After two long years of negotiations, PROTEC17’s Airport Duty Managers (ADMs) at the Port of Seattle have reached a tentative agreement (TA) on their first contract! 

The group of 15 employees who work at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport contacted PROTEC17 back in 2021 to express their interest in organizing. Among their top concerns were scheduling and establishing a pay scale that would serve both as a recruitment and retention tool, but also provide some consistency with their pay. Now, with their new TA, they have achieved just that! 

The agreement establishes a wage scale that will attract and keep top talent. ADMs will also receive backpay adding up to 8% and 6% increases in 2022 and 2023 respectively, and will be placed on the new wage scale in May of this year. They were also able to solidify ‘Awarded Time’ – a type of compensatory time for salaried employees – as well as language that allows for partial-day absences without loss of pay.  

The group used Interest-Based Bargaining in coordination with the Public Employee Relations Commission to establish a scheduling pilot program – components of which have already been implemented.  

Of course, the most important win of this new contract is that ADMs now have a voice on the job – with ‘Just Cause’ language, and a robust Grievance process to ensure fair treatment embedded in the contract.  

The ADMs will be voting in January.You can find out the latest at If you have questions about the TA or the voting process, please reach out to PROTEC17 Union Representative Sarah Lorenzini at or 206-328-7321 ext. 110. Congratulations Port of Seattle members