Now in its twelfth year, the PROTEC17 scholarship program has awarded over $65,000 in scholarships to members’ dependents to help in their pursuit of a higher education. We are proud to announce that our 2023 scholarship winners are Molly Jenkins and Jacquelyne Nguyen. 

Each year, the PROTEC17 scholarship is open to the children, grandchildren or dependents of members as they enter or continue their studies in college or technical school. There are two $3,000 awards – one for an incoming freshman, and one for a continuing college student. Scholarship applications were accepted through July 31. In the application, students are asked to demonstrate their academic achievements, educational goals, and extracurricular activities. In addition, applicants submit letters of recommendation, and a labor-related essay that is judged by two external labor educators. 

This year, we had a record number of applications, which made the decision even more difficult, but two applicants rose to the top. 

Molly Jenkins is the child of King County member Michael Jenkins, and is our continuing college student winner. She is currently studying Anthropology and Sustainability at Oregon State University. Entering her junior year, this quarter is packed with four Anthropology courses, plus a Ballroom Dancing elective! Her goal is to work for the National Forest Service or National Parks Service after graduation. 

In her scholarship essay, Jenkins reflected on the benefits she’s received for having grown up in a union family. 

“Seeing what unions can and have done for my family has made me realize that any job, whether they be part-time or full, should unionize,” Jenkins said in her application. “In a country where the minimum wage doesn’t cover the cost of living for most people, unions are more important than ever.” 

Jacquelyne Nguyen, child of City of Portland member Daniel (Tri) Nguyen, is entering her freshman year at Portland State University this fall, where she’s taking courses on a pre-med track in hopes of one day becoming a pediatrician. To gain experience while in high school, Nguyen spent a summer volunteering in a hospital, and worked as a medical research assistant at Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) during her senior year. 

“During my time at university, I hope to continue helping my community and experiencing what medical professionals do every day,” said Nguyen in her application. “This means volunteering at local community clinics and hospitals, shadowing physicians to strengthen my exposure, and participating in undergraduate research.”

Both students expressed their extreme gratitude to PROTEC17 for supporting this award and for helping them and their families to ease the financial burden of a college education. Thank you to all of our applicants, and best of luck this school year!