On Sat., Feb. 25, the PROTEC17 Regional Executive Commit-tee (REC), our union’s policy-making body, convened via Zoom to conduct the business of our union. At this meeting, delegates reviewed the 2023 budget and 2023-2025 strategic planning priorities, as well as shared important victories in their Chapters that highlight our growing member-powered union. 

The meeting opened with a welcome and tribal land acknowledgement by PROTEC17 Executive Board President Rachael Brooks. Executive Board Trustee Renee Thompson reviewed the community agreements for a respectful, productive meeting, then Trustee Emily Tabachnick led the swearing in of new REC delegates. The minutes from the October meeting were then approved by the body. 

In her report, Executive Director Karen Estevenin highlighted and celebrated the many wins of the last year and of the 2020- 2022 strategic plan. She then introduced the 2023-2025 Strategic Planning Committee staff – Youssef El Hamawi, Deidre Girard, Brandon Hersey, Steven Pray, Brenna Stroup, and Brent Wagar – and thanked members for their tremendous input and support throughout the planning process, including in the survey and at the last REC meeting where the new priorities began to take shape. 

The Strategic Planning Committee discussed the process in more detail and unveiled three draft priorities on which our union will focus over the next three year period, including: 1) Creating a strong union identity and culture, 2) Building our political power and community connections, and 3) Strengthening member leadership programs and opportunities. The REC then voted to adopt these priorities. You can read about them in more detail on the previous page. 

Delegates then heard a presentation from Executive Board Secretary-Treasurer Jessica Garcia about the proposed 2023 budget. After a motion to approve and an open discussion, the budget was adopted by the delegation. 

In the last hour of the meeting, delegates heard from their fellow members about victories in their Chapters, including new unionization efforts, contract campaign successes, member leader development, and others. Then delegates got to share their own highlights from 2022 in Zoom breakout rooms. 

After reconvening in the main room, delegates heard from PROTEC17 Political Director Brandon Hersey and Research Director and Oregon Legislative Advocate Elliot Levin about the priorities and issues that we are supporting in the WA and OR legislatures during the 2023 session. Hersey also discussed several important local races in the upcoming election cycle and opportunities to get involved in PROTEC17 endorsements, as well as the importance of building our Political Action Committee fund to support Labor-and public employee-friendly candidates. 

Thank you to all of the REC delegates for a productive and successful meeting, and for all you do for our union!