Negotiations for the 2023-2025 contract with the State of Washington are underway!
PROTEC17 bargaining team members are advocating for a fair cost-of-living adjustment (COLA), along with targeted increases for positions with demonstrated recruitment and retention issues. Mem- bers are also advocating for many other positive changes to contractual benefits and working conditions, like teleworking language, improvements to the Shared Leave program, the ability to use leave to supplement the State’s paid family leave program, and improving contracting out language.

Contract negotiations will continue through the summer and are expected
to wrap up by the end of September in order to meet the Oct. 1 State-mandated deadline for inclusion in the Governor’s proposed budget. PROTEC17 State members should check their personal emails for regular updates on negotiations progress and keep your eyes peeled for a ratification vote in early Fall.

In addition to negotiations for next year’s contract, State members at the Department of Licensing, the Washington State Patrol, and the Washington State De- partment of Transportation should expect to see several wage adjustments to their paychecks this July – including a 3.25% COLA.

When the 2021-2023 State contract was being negotiated in 2020, the world was in the middle of a global pandemic and the State budget scenario looked dire. At the time, PROTEC17 members agreed to monthly furloughs and no COLA as a sacrifice to help the State. But when State revenues were exceeding expectations in the Spring of 2021, the PROTEC17 bargaining team jumped into action.

Through advocacy efforts in Olympia and a contract reopener, the team was able to eliminate the furloughs and negotiate a COLA and other increases for 2022.

In addition to the 3.25% COLA that went into effect on July 1, 2022, State members who worked through the most dangerous part of the pandemic will receive lump sum payments in recognition of their sacrifices. Visit the PROTEC17 website ( to find the details on the lump sum payment.

And, in an unprecedented move last year, the legislature also approved funds to go toward targeted increases for classifications that had significant recruitment and/or retention issues. As a result, three PROTEC17 classifications will be receiving additional increases: Licensing Service Representative 1s will be receiving a two- range increase (approximately 5%), Licensing Service Representative 2s will receive a one-range increase (approximately 2.5%), and our Avalanche Forecast and Control Specialists will receive a four-range increase (approximately 10%). While we didn’t get all the increases for which we advocated, this win repre- sents significant progress for classifica- tions for which we’ve had difficulty getting increases in the past.

If you have any questions about current contract negotiations, the 2022 COLA, lump sum payments, or wage adjustments, please contact your Union Representative.