On Nov. 20, the PROTEC17 negotiations team met to tally the votes on the tentative agreements reached with the City of Seattle on both the Master and Municipal Court (team pictured at left) contracts. Both were overwhelmingly approved.

There was historic turnout for in-person voting during the week of Nov. 4, followed by electronic voting through Nov. 18. The contract contains both economic and non-economic improvements, including: a minimum of 10.1% cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) over three years; a market rate study for all PROTEC17 classifications before the contract expires in 2021; a language premium for members assigned work requiring them to use non-English languages in the workplace; and dramatic expansions to paid parental, paid family, bereavement and emergency day leave. The contracts were passed by City Council then signed by Mayor Jenny Durkan on Dec. 16.

Thank you to the negotiations team for all their hard work and dedication: Rachael Brooks (City Light), Walker Dodson (OFH), Ulysses Hillard (SPU), Gina Kim (SPU), Aimee Kimball (City Light), Denise Krownbell (City Light), Ross McFarland (SDOT), Jennifer Peirce (Municipal Court), Dorel Radauceanu (Municipal Court), and Darren Wilson (Construction and Inspections).