On June 17, Washington state Governor Jay Inslee signed the PROTEC17 state contract, making official all of the negotiated changes to the 2019-21 agreement. The membership ratified the agreement last fall, and it was fully funded in the Washington legislature this spring.
All changes – including the three percent cost-of-living adjustment for both 2019 and 2020, other wage increases, and improved benefits – went into effect on July 1, 2019.

The state contract runs on a two-year cycle in conjunction with the state’s biennium budget. The 2021-23 contract will be negotiated in 2020. PROTEC17 will be surveying members who work for the state early next year to get a sense of the priorities for next time.

Thank you to the negotiations team for their strong work and help in getting the best contract possible! Some of the team members stood with Gov. Inslee at the signing ceremony, pictured above, including: Heather Hoffmann (DOL), Faith Shuler (WSDOT), Steve Morgans (WSDOT), Daniel Jones (WSDOT), and Mindi Mezek (WSP).