Robin Washington, Capital Projects Manager III and 19-year employee at Clark County Public Works, is dedicated to improving the County for all of its residents, including motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, business owners, community groups, and wildlife.

One of her biggest projects – NE 119th Street – will expand a once rural farm road into a major east-west arterial for the growing suburbs of Vancouver, Wash. When the fourth and final phase is complete, the three-mile stretch will include all new bike lanes, sidewalks, stormwater drainage, water and sewer lines, and a 37-acre wetland habitat for fish, birds and native plants. The nearly seven-year project is the largest road project the County has ever done. It is expected to wrap up in early 2020 at the cost of about $55 million, coming from state, federal, county and developer partnership funds.

As a Capital Projects Manager, Washington is responsible for managing the budget, scope and schedule of each project. She works with her interdisciplinary Clark County team – from surveyors and property specialists to designers and engineers – to get the job done. In addition, Washington works closely with community groups to get feedback from local residents about the various projects.

“One of the most important skills in my job is listening,” she said. “You have to be good at hearing what people aren’t telling you – plus you never know where the next good idea is going to come from.”

In addition to NE 119th Street, Washington is managing five other projects in the County. She likes the challenge of constantly switching gears and the variety that comes with each day. But the NE 119th Street project has been one of her favorites, especially because of the wetland mitigation piece and the overall benefit to the community.

“What we do here in Clark County Public Works is very important to the citizens of Clark County, and I love seeing the results of our great projects, large and small,” said Washington.

Recently, Washington was honored by the Neighborhood Associations Council of Clark County for her dedication to its citizens. Having grown up in Portland, she lives just across the bridge in Oregon where she enjoys gardening and spending time with her granddaughter.